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Special Terms & Conditions for Registration: Applicable to ICAI members residing in Dubai

• This portal is for the exclusive use of the members of the Institute of Chartered accountants of India residing in Dubai.
• An ICAI member can use his/her existing log-in credentials to access the online portal. However to apply for the policy for the dependent family members and or the parents residing in India under this scheme , a member should hold a valid Health Insurance policy covering himself/herself issued by The New India Assurance company, Dubai – UAE.
• The terms and conditions applicable to this Health Insurance scheme are as provided on this exclusive portal and the scheme will be valid for the period of MOU of the company with the Insurance Institute of India in this regard.
• The premium for the policy under this scheme should be paid using the ICAI members' Bank account held with any Bank in India or a Debit / credit card issued by any Bank in India and the transactions will be in Indian Rupees only.
• The Scheme is for the dependent family members /parents residing in India and the coverage provided will be for unforeseen hospitalization in India only
• The claims pertaining to the dependent family members and or parents as covered in the policy issued under the scheme will be settled in Indian Rupees only and subject to an ICAI member himself /herself holding a valid Health Insurance policy issued by The New India Assurance Company ,Dubai -UAE at the time of such claim.
• If any time during the currency of the policy issued under this scheme, the details are found invalid / incorrect, The New India Assurance Company Ltd has the complete authority to cancel the policy and all the benefits there under shall be forfeited and The Company shall incur no liability in the said case.
Insurance is a Subject matter of Solicitation